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No. 3 Georgia and No. 7 Notre Dame are both steeped in rich tradition, but they don't have much real history together, not as far as actual on-field meetings go. Yet their matchup Saturday feels like one filled with the bad blood, pettiness and season-changing implications that go hand-in-hand with rivalry games.

We can start in 1981, when Georgia beat Notre Dame 17-10 in the Sugar Bowl to win the national championship. We can thank Dec. 29, 2018, for dredging up the antagonism.
As Clemson and Notre Dame played in the College Football Playoff semifinal, Georgia players tuned in from New Orleans, where they prepared to play Texas in the Allstate Sugar Bowl. The Bulldogs felt they deserved a spot in the top four despite two losses, and so did a vocal contingent that lobbied hard on their behalf.

Undefeated Notre Dame, despite playing as an independent with no conference championship game, made it in at No. 3 but drew the bulk of the Bulldogs' ire after Clemson raced out to a 20-point halftime lead. Multiple players took to social media to voice their displeasure, with tweets ranging from receiver Mecole Hardman's "They say the '4 best teams' huh?" to Monty Rice chiming in, "The best 4 should get in #exposed."

A few days later, Georgia lost to Texas, and in the eyes of some, that settled the argument. But their point was made. In the never-ending playoff discussion centering on the most fundamental of questions -- should the four most deserving teams or the four best teams make it in? -- Georgia vs. Notre Dame provided the most heated debate yet.

Much of that has to do with Notre Dame and its unique place in the college football landscape. Throw in the all-powerful SEC, with loyalists who firmly believe it is the toughest conference and will not entertain any argument on the matter, and you get a situation that remains unresolved to this very day. Is it best or most deserving?

Because there are still those who wonder whether the committee got it right last year, and whether Notre Dame's poor showing should forever close the door on its playoff aspirations so long as it keeps playing as an independent. With that as the backdrop, the Irish travel to Georgia on Saturday in perhaps the most anticipated nonconference game of the season.

Although last year is over, this is the type of playoff play-in game that would have drawn us all in. Still, the postseason implications remain very real.

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